Dental Hygiene

We want you to enjoy your visit. To that end, we go out of our way to make the atmosphere in and out of the chair easy going and comfortable. When you visit our office, you’ll receive friendly and professional care from the moment you walk through the door.

Hygiene is such an important part of your dental health. Waiting until there is a problem is never a good idea! It begins at home, where proper brushing and flossing become a regular part of your schedule. Our team of experience hygienists, as well as our dentists, will provide you with all the tips and techniques to get the home care foundation you need.

To accompany your great home dental hygiene habits, we recommend office visits at six month intervals. By coming in regularly to see us, we can stay right on top of your overall dental and periodontal health and stay in front of any potential problems.

Your dental hygiene visit will begin with a gentle cleaning. The hygienist will clean and floss your teeth. Using variety of instruments, the hygienist will remove any tartar build up that can cause problems if left unchecked. Dr. Brooks, Dr. Gilrain or Dr. Crowder may check your teeth and make recommendations for additional care, take images of your teeth and make suggestions for keeping your teeth healthy. Every hygiene appointment includes a thorough oral cancer screening exam at no extra charge.

By staying on top of your dental hygiene, you can avoid bigger problems! Come to Gilrain & Brooks Dentistry and we’ll take great care of your teeth.